The Power of Recognize TM

The InnoTech RecognizeTM test is a minimally equipped device for the detection of diseases using synthetic molecular biosensors to multiple types of biomarkers including proteins and nucleic acids, from liquid biopsy, thereby, in one easy to use test, providing results that are currently obtained by separate RT-PCR and antibody/antigen tests.

Our COVID-19 Diagnostics

Our first test will be RecognizeTM-COVID-19; a comprehensive, multimodal, robust, accurate, rapid, minimally equipped, low cost and field-deployable test that will revolutionize SARS-CoV-2 testing with synthetic molecular biosensors.

This test will not only reduce the financial burden on COVID-19 testing by replacing tests that are not accurate and have to be repeated, but also provide a humanitarian value as our test can be done at home or field-deployed to congregational places.

COVID-19 Screening

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially devastating due to the ability of asymptomatic carriers to transmit the virus. Thus, minimally equipped, accurate and low-cost detection of the active infection on-site from easily collectible oral specimens is essential for the successful management of this disease and for the return of our globe to a “safe normal”.